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April 30, 2024
How Much Should a Gymnast Weigh?
Weight is a hot topic in gymnastics, and as a trainer here in Melbourne, I understand why it's on your mind. We all want our gymnasts to perform their best […]
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November 27, 2023
Skylark Sports Open Day - 13 January 2024
We're excited to open up our doors (Lynbrook and Mount Waverley) to the community for everyone to roll, swing, climb, crawl and discover the programs we have available for children. […]
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October 3, 2023
Skylark Sports Acrobats Shine 2023 National Clubs Carnival: Celebrating Kids' Gymnastics and Acrobatics Excellence 
The 2023 National Clubs Carnival, Australia's largest multi-gymsport gymnastics event, gathered young athletes from all corners of the nation to shine on the national stage. Skylark Sports Acrobats, true ambassadors […]
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September 4, 2023
INFO FOR EVERYONE Classes continue during the school holidays Skylark classes continue through the school holidays, we’re open for classes for 48 weeks of the year, excluding public holidays.  If you've […]
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June 6, 2023
Ninja Warrior Training: Strengthening Sibling Bonds with Supercharged Fun!
Finding activities that keep kids interested and strong relationships can be difficult in a world where technology appears to rule our kids' lives. As parents, we constantly search for strategies […]
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June 2, 2023
Triumph and Camaraderie: Skylark Sports at the 2023 Australian Gymnastics Championships
The 2023 Australian Gymnastics Championships served as the grand finale, concluding the senior competition season and marking a significant milestone in the journey of Skylark Sports acrobats.
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May 9, 2023
Finding the Right Gymnastics Program for Your Child: A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Perfect Class at Skylark Sports
  If you're considering enrolling your child in a gymnastics program at Skylark Sports, you may be wondering how to choose the right class. With so many options available, it […]
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April 28, 2023
Introducing Star Tracking
Attention Ninja Families! We have an exciting Ninja program update that rolled out this week!
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February 28, 2023
Managing Stress in Competition Season
As a parent of a child athlete, it's important to recognize that high level sport and competitions can be a source of stress for children. While competition can be exciting […]
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February 23, 2023
Learning to fall (and get back up again)
Falling down is a natural part of life, and being a Ninja. Whether it's a physical stumble or a setback in our personal or professional lives, we will all experience […]
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February 1, 2023
Why you're awesome for choosing gymnastics for your child
We are so happy that you are considering Skylark Sports being a part of your child’s learning journey this year. Providing opportunities for different types of movement in during childhood […]
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November 28, 2022
Lynbrook Community Open Day - 14 January 2023
Skylark Sports Lynbrook is excited to open up our doors to the community for everyone to roll, swing, climb, crawl and discover the programs we have available for children. Starting […]
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November 15, 2022
December 2022 Member Update
2022 All wrapped up!  What a wonderful year, a full and uninterrupted year, of gymnastics, ninja and acrobatics! Congratulations to everyone that overcome a challenge, went to their first competition, […]
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November 10, 2022
Skylark Squad Awards Night 2022
On Saturday 29th of October Skylark Sports held our annual Awards Night to celebrate the tremendous achievements and hard work of the 2022 AcroSquad.
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November 6, 2022
November Member Update
November already! As we slide into the final months of 2022 we wanted to update our Skylark families on what’s happening in the gym, celebrate some fantastic achievements and share […]
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October 25, 2022
2022 Junior Victorian Championships Wrap
Introducing the 2022 Junior & Intermediate Champion Club! A massive congratulations to the 77 Skylark Acrobats who competed at the Junior Victorian Gymnastics Championships in Geelong on the 16th of […]
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October 13, 2022
The Skylark Coach in Training Program
Becoming a gymnastics coach This week we celebrate coach Jack, who has completed his training and is now our newest qualified coach! Coaches at Skylark complete the Skylark Coach in […]
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September 29, 2022
2022 National Clubs Carnival Wrap
Congratulations to all of our athletes who competed at the 2022 National Clubs Carnival on the Gold Coast.  
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September 13, 2022
September Member Update
How is it September already??? Classes continue during the school holidays Skylark classes continue through the school holidays. If you've got make-up tokens sitting on your account the holidays are […]
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September 6, 2022
Learning to Listen
Leaning to listen and follow instructions is a tricky skill. As a parent of young children, it’s important to have age-appropriate expectations for your child and to give them lots of opportunities to practice so you […]
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August 1, 2022
How to Help Kids Grow a Growth Mindset
What is it that makes some people more successful than others? Are they just born gifted with talent? Are they luckier than other people? Or maybe, it’s the way that […]
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July 19, 2022
Gymnastics training helps keeps kids safe
Gymnastics classes help children learn to move with confidence. Moving with confidence means knowing how to land well and knowing how to fall safely. Learning to fall safely is important for […]
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February 9, 2022
Why a strong handstand is key in gymnastics
If you look closely, you'll see handstands everywhere in gymnastics. So it's really important to get our shape strong from right at the beginning.
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December 1, 2021
December Member Update
Thanks for a great(ish) year! 2021 has been tough, but we want to take a moment to focus on how proud we are of the resilience that our Skylarkians have […]
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October 18, 2021
Positive Risk Taking
What is positive risk taking? At Skylark Sports we believe that positive risk taking is an essential element of childhood, one that is often overlooked in an effort to keep […]
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September 23, 2021
The Ultimate Ninja Footwear
At Skylark our ninja classes are a fun fusion of parkour, gymnastics, obstacle training and stage fighting. Each of those sports has different footwear requirements, so it can be tricky […]
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July 1, 2021
Jumping improves learning
It’s the beginning of a new term and we are so excited to have our athletes back in classes at both our Mount Waverley and Lynbrook gymnastics centres this week. […]
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March 10, 2021
Animal Walks
Looking for a fun activity you can do with your toddler that builds their brains and helps them with their gymnastics? Then look no further than Animal Walks! Animal Walks […]
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November 1, 2020
What is a Growth Mindset?
What is it that makes some people more successful than others? Are they just born gifted with talent? Are they luckier than other people? Or maybe, it’s the way that […]
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August 1, 2020
Australian Movement Guidelines - How much should you move each day?
Did you know that Australia has research based guidelines for the appropriate amount of physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep for all ages?
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November 1, 2019
Victorian Gymnastics Championships Wrap
Congratulations to all of our athletes who competed at State Pennant and Vic Championships in Geelong last weekend. Thanks to your amazing efforts, Skylark Sports has been named Champion Club […]
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August 1, 2019
What You Need to Know About Acro Scoring
Competition season has arrived and with any performance sport, it can be hard to know what the judges are looking for. To help you navigate the scoring system we’ve created […]
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July 1, 2019
Meet the State Team 2019
We're really proud of all the AcroSquad members who have made the Victorian State Team for 2019 - here's your chance to get to know a little bit more about […]
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May 20, 2019
Make your own play dough
It’s likely to be cold and wet for the next little while so why not make some play-dough? Play dough is a never ending tactile learning experience for all children. […]
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May 1, 2019
Vegas Acro Cup 2019 Wrap
Congratulations to the Skylark Acrobats who have returned from a successful trip to the Vegas Acro Cup. Mixed pair Dylan and Jaz placed 2nd overall and women’s group Madlen, Tegan […]
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April 1, 2019
Skylark Acrobats Qualify for Australian Championships
19 Skylark acrobats have qualified for the Australian Championships in May.
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March 29, 2019
Raising a Resilient Gymnast
Let's talk about resilience, and how we can help our kids grow this vital life skill. Sometimes in our stressful adult lives we forget that kids face a lot of […]
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October 1, 2018
National Clubs Carnival Wrap
A huge number of our Skylark Squad athletes have just returned from an amazing trip to the Gold Coast, where the sun shone almost as brightly as our performances!
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