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The emphasis is not on who is the strongest or the fastest, but on the adventure of growth and learning through gymnastics-based movement instruction. Our professionally developed programs teach the skills that kids want to learn in a way that is safe, inclusive and fun.

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We are Skylark Sports

At Skylark Sports we believe that with the right skills formed early in life, every child can grow up believing they can take on the world. Our fun and inclusive programs are professionally developed and age appropriate to provide your child with the best learning environment possible.

Our fully equipped gymnastics clubs in Mount Waverley and Lynbrook provide opportunities for children from from beginners to elite athletes. Explore our classes and book a free trial to watch your child's confidence grow. Welcome to Skylark Sports!

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The best thing about skylark for us is the teachers. My daughter loves ninja. Every Saturday morning she wakes up super early to get ready even though her class is at 10:40am she just loves it. The teachers are so engaging and fun they really are a great bunch I love seeing them interact all together.

Thankful Ninja Parent

We came for a trial and both my kids were warmly welcomed by the coaches. The coaches kept them engaged the whole class and they seemed to do purposeful things rather than just running around aimlessly. I came for one child's trial and left with two kids wanting to come back tomorrow. We're staying!

Amazed Mum

I like it when coaches give insightful feedback, and that there’s a time between the classes to do so. Training times suit us well. My child is really connecting to all the coaches, including Jaz who showed tremendous sensitivity to my child’s needs. I love that children come first at Skylark and that there’s always an understanding that everyone should be heard. I love all the customer service team!!

Thankful Parent

Caring, friendly and well trained coaches.

Proud Parent

I can see improvements in my child's strength after one term, she finishes classes puffed out - she has physically worked in the class (unlike her ballet lessons!) and she enjoys the sense of achievement of being able to do new things and learn new skills

Proud Parent

Inclusive, encouraging and helpful trainers.

Proud Parent

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Young boy smiling at camera in gymnastics class
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