Mount Waverley

Acrobatics Program Manager


Skylarkian since 2017

Hi I’m Nikki! 

I’m from the north east of England and I travelled to Australia in 2017 with my partner for an adventure. A couple of days after arriving in Melbourne, I joined the Skylark team as a casual coach and I've been here ever since! 

I found my love of gymnastics as a child and competed as an International Acrobat in the position of base. While acro is undeniably beautiful, it’s the self-confidence, work ethic, friendships, fun and memorable experiences that stay with me, and drive my passion to share the sport with all the athletes in our program. 

My partner and I have had a big couple of years since moving to Australia. Our family started with one cat, then two, then we welcomed a puppy and a baby! We also planned, postponed and finally celebrated our wedding. I love that we get to live by the beach and we are grateful every day for our lifestyle here in Oz. 

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