Mount Waverley, Lynbrook

Club Manager


Skylarkian since 2021

Hi! I'm Mel, 

I was the gymnast that became a coach when I was 13 because I loved gymnastics, loved being in the gym, and thought my coaches were the best people ever! I was a competitive artistic gymnast, but moved to aerobics and trampolining in high school.  

I was never sure what my 'real job' should be, so I have tried a lot of different things; air brushing, personal training, remedial massage, marketing design, I even managed some huge recreation and aquatic facilities, but something was always calling me back to the gym.  

I have 2 kids and a hubby at home that keep me busy when I'm not at Skylark. On a sunny day you'll find us at the beach or camping in the bush somewhere, in winter we hibernate.  

I love scary movies, reading, drawing, motorbike riding, op-shopping and going on bush walks with the kids. 

Gymnastics is a special sport, that everyone can do. I aim to be the crazy lady still doing cartwheels on the beach when I'm 80! 

Being a Skylarkian to me is being part of a wonderful, supportive and fun team that gets to bring excitement and challenges to the kids we coach every day!  

I love celebrating everyone's success, no matter how small, with big high 5's or happy celebration dances! 

We have more amazing people in our team