Why you're awesome for choosing gymnastics for your child.

We are so happy that you are considering Skylark Sports being a part of your child’s learning journey this year. Providing opportunities for different types of movement in during childhood is extremely important so we want to take a moment to congratulate you (the adult) on taking charge and providing your child with the best start to life.

Movement isn’t just important for helping children grow physically strong and healthy, it’s also a key factor in their overall development. There is so much research backing this, we won’t bore you with all the details. But trust us when we say ‘good job’.

One thing to remember, especially as children head back into the classroom, is that exercise boosts brain power. Neural pathways in the brain are formed and strengthened through movement, and once these pathways are developed, they can be used for things like reading and writing.

Children need opportunities to learn how to orientate themselves in space. This is called ‘proprioception’. Without good proprioception children find it very hard to sit still and learn. If a child doesn’t instinctively know where their body is in space when they are asked to sit still and listen, they will use their brain power to know where they are, rather than focusing on the instructions being given. Developing proprioception is essential for successful learning in the classroom.

Gymnastics is such a fantastic sport for boosting brain power, developing proprioception and developing confident kids.

Here are 5 of our favourite ways gymnastics benefits kids. 

1. Gymnastics develops strength, flexibility & coordination. Working on all around muscle strength is fantastic for balance and posture - something kids use to do everyday tasks like climbing stairs and sitting in class. Flexibility helps with injury prevention and coordination gives kids the skills they need to interact with the environment around them. 

2. Gymnastics teaches listening skills. Being able to follow instructions- to watch, listen and think independently – comes in very handy for school and life!  

3. Gymnastics teaches goal setting from a young age. Gymnasts learn to set goals. The goal may be to walk along the high beam all by themselves, to cartwheel by Christmas, or to make an Australian team one day!  

4. Gymnastics increases self-esteem and confidence. Through problem solving, working at a task and progressing new skills, gymnastics builds confidence – preparing children to take on any new challenges in life!  

5. Gymnastics is FUN!!! Jumping, rolling, tumbling, swinging, leaping, balancing – at gymnastics, there is so much fun in one lesson! 

Looking for a new program for your child?

Skylark Sports runs classes from our fully set up facilities in Lynbrook and Mount Waverley. We have BabyGym, KinderGym, Gymnastics, Ninja, Tumbling and Acrobatics classes for children starting from 6 months old. Book a free trial if you live in a surrounding suburb and want to give your little one a great start.

Find out more about booking a free trial at Lynbrook or Mount Waverley.

Written by

Mel Van Nes

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