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AGES 7-17

Competitive Acrobatics

Acrobatic gymnastics is a competitive discipline of gymnastics that combines the strength, flexibility and agility of traditional gymnastics with the grace and beauty of dance. Routines include individual gymnastics elements, group pyramids and dynamic throws all tied together with synchronised and harmonious dance moves.
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AGES 9-17 Years old


Our tumbling program is an intermediate to advanced program for athletes 10-17 years of age. We focus on developing intermediate to advanced skills without a high level of time commitment. Tumbling is ideal to supplement other sports and can be a pathway into our AcroSquad program.
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AGES 5-17 Years old


Our gymnastics program is designed to help kids learn and develop a love of movement. We provide opportunities for kids to develop skills on the floor, bars, beam and trampoline, as well as some team-based acrobatic gymnastics skills.
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AGES 5-17 Years old

Ninja Training

Our ninja program is a unique, high energy program developed with the whole child in mind. Ninjas learn a fusion of parkour, gymnastics, trampolining and ninja techniques, while conquering in-class challenges to build physical skills, discipline, respect and character.
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AGES 2-5 Years old


Our KinderGym classes provide endless opportunities for kids to learn, play, develop and explore in an environment that is safe, stimulating and fun. We focus on gymnastic skills, fundamental movement skills, cross-patterning, brain development exercises and more.
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BabyGym is a fun, safe and guided program which sets the foundation for infants to have proficient movement and assists the vital cognitive development children experience in early years. The program is for children aged 6 months to 2 years and provides the steps for future KinderGym programs. 
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