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November Member Update

November already!

As we slide into the final months of 2022 we wanted to update our Skylark families on what’s happening in the gym, celebrate some fantastic achievements and share some community initiatives we would love you to take part in.  

What’s happening in the gym: 



Progress checks 7th to 20th November

We’re not fans of the words ‘assessment’ or ‘test’. Instead, we do Progress Checks 3 times a year to show children and their grown-ups how much progress they have made, how much stronger they are becoming and to celebrate the skill they can perform as they grow more confident and in control of their body. 

At Skylark we believe in striving for progress, not perfection. Classes are designed to allow each gymnast to feel challenged, while also getting the wonderful feeling of success and achievement as they roll, cartwheel and swing each lesson.  

During Progress Check weeks we check children’s development against our program curriculum. If you’d like to know more about more about what your gymnast does during classes, or what they are building towards, you can review the curriculum below. If you don’t speak ‘gymnastics’ don’t worry – you can view videos of each skill in your our app. 


Challenge week  5th to 11th December

Come to class this week ready to challenge yourself, work with your classmates and have a lesson to remember!  
Classes will include fun activities, group and individual challenges and rewards for hard work, team-work, displaying our values, overcoming obstacles and more!


Celebration week 5th to 11th December  

The mini-Skylarkians in our KinderGym program have achieved so much this year.  
They have overcome fears, gained confidence, built new relationships with coaches and classmates, gotten stronger, mastered new skills, learned how to move their bodies and had so much fun!  

The KinderGym team are excited to celebrate each participant’s progress.  
Grown-ups – you'll be invited into the gym to join in on the celebration and your mini might teach you a thing or two! 


Skylark Disco Saturday 3rd December  

Get your dancing feet ready! 
Join us from 6:00-8:00pm at the Mount Waverley gym to celebrate a great year with music, dancing and games.  

This event is open to all Skylark members, siblings and friends age 5+. 
Tickets are $35 per child - get yours before they sell out.  


Acro End of Year Showcase Saturday 3rd December

After a fantastic 2022 Season, we have one final event to bring our Acro community together, the End of Year Showcase! This is a fundraiser event, with all donations going to Bears of Hope charity.

Information has been sent out to all Acro families with details of arrival times and rehearsals. We look forward to a wonderful event watching all the displays each class has been working on in class.  


We are proud to again be collecting donations for the Salvation Army Christmas Cheer Appeal.

Donations of non-perishable food, toys, school supplies and vouchers are wonderful ways to help a family in need. Please give generously if you are able to.

Drop your donations at either Skylark gym into the basket under the tree before Wednesday 14th December.


We are setting up a community notice board at Lynbrook and Mount Waverley. If you have something you would like displayed please hand it to out customer admin team. 



If unwell, please stay home. That includes coughing, sneezing or a runny nose. We do what we can to ensure a clean and safe environment for the Skylark staff and families, please do your part in keeping flu and cold like symptoms out of the gym.

We want your child to enjoy the benefits of our programs so if you are away, your child is ill, or you simply can’t make it to your class we offer unlimited make-up classes in our educational programs. A make-up token is generated on your account once a class is missed. Use this token to participate in another class once they are well and ready to return. More about the make-up policy is available our Participation Agreement.

Pick up and drop off:

Please drop off and pick up you child no more than 5 minutes before/after class. If you are unable to make it on time to collect your child, please call ahead or make alternate arrangements.
Our staff are busy coaching or preparing for lessons and are unable to directly supervise children outside of their class time.

What’s been happening outside of the gym? 

Last month 77 Skylark Acrobats competed at the Junior Victorian Gymnastics Championships in Geelong. This was the first big competition for many of our rising stars, and it was fantastic to see their smiles as they stepped out on the floor.  

Important dates

Final day of classes for 2022 is Sunday 18th December 

We are having 4 weeks off to enjoy the sunshine – you will not be charged for these 4 weeks. 
Your enrolment will automatically roll into the new year, no need to re-register.  

If you do not plan to attend in 2023 contact the administration team on 9544 8008 or via email to admin@skylarksports.com.au. Cancellation notice (minimum 7 days) is required to end an enrolment.

2023 classes start back from Monday 16th January for all BabyGym, KinderGym, Gymnastics, Ninja, Tumble and Acro programs. All the coaches are excited to see everyone back again in 2023! 

Written by

Mel Van Nes

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