Skylark Squad Awards Night 2022

On Saturday 29th of October Skylark Sports held our annual Awards Night to celebrate the tremendous achievements and hard work of the 2022 AcroSquad.

Seeing the athletes and their families come together, get dressed up and celebrating is such a fun way to finish competition season. The awards night is a social calendar highlight and we are excited to share our award recipients with the community.

Skylark Sports is Melbourne's largest and most successful acrobatic gymnastics club. We are proud of the achievements of all our acrobats, but the best moments certainly aren't about the medals. We are constantly blown away by the great sportsmanship and team spirit shown by the acrobats and their families – your love and support for your teammates is what makes the Skylark Acro Squad a family.

At the awards night, every athlete is recognised for their hard work and dedication this year with a Skylark Champion Trophy and competition participation is also recognised. In 2022 we are proud to report that Skylark Sports had:

  • 19 athletes compete at the Senior Victorian Championships in Geelong
  • 11 athletes compete at the Australian Championships in the Gold Coast
  • 8 athletes compete at the MIAC Acro Cup in Portugal
  • 31 athletes compete at the National Club Championships in the Gold Coast
  • 77 athletes compete at the Junior Victorian Championships in Geelong

At each event, Skylark athletes walked away with individual medals and titles. There are too many to list here, but some major individual highlights are listed below:

  • International Medallists: Dylan & Ava, silver medal, MIAC, Portugal
  • State Champions: Alex & Caitlin (level 6), Milki, Meg & Lana (International 12-18), Dylan & Ava (Senior International), Mia, Tegan & Madlen (senior international), Melina, Amandi & Alicia (level 4), Yui & Ben (level 5), Phoenix & Camryn (level 5), Jemima, Angelina & Chloe (level 5)
  • National Championships Medallists: Caitlin & Alex (level 6 - bronze)
  • National Club Championships Medallists: Jack & Matt (level 4 - gold), Phoenix & Camryn (level 5 - silver), Yui & Ben (level 5 - silver), Jia & Alex (level 6 - gold), Dylan & Ava (senior international - gold)

Collectively were recognised for the following club awards:

  • 2022 Australian Junior Club Champion (levels 4-6, 3rd place)
  • 2022 Australian International Club Champion (international levels, 3rd place)
  • 2022 Victorian Junior Club Champion (levels 1-3, 1st place)
  • 2022 Victorian Intermediate Club Champion (levels 1-3, 1st place)

We are very proud to share the acrobats recognised for the Skylark Sports Coaches awards for 2022:

Sportsmanship Award
Aaliyah, Matti, Jack, Cat, Chiara, Milki, Meg
Most Improved
Eva, Sophie, Jemima, Tegan
Dedication & Determination
Ben, Meeka, Angelina, Mia
Group of the Year - State Squad
Melina, Amandi & Alicia
Level 4 Women's Group
Group of the Year - National Squad
Alex & Jia
Level 6 Mixed Pair
Group of the Year - Junior Elite
Camryn & Phoenix
Level 5 Women Pair
Group of the Year - Senior Elite
Lana, Meg & Milki
12-18 International Women's Group

Madlen - 2022 Coach of the Year
All of her athletes will agree, Madlen is a coach to look up to. Always having fun, helping each athlete progress at their pace and a creating positive environment for all of the classes she coaches.

Lana - Retirement Award
Congratulations on a fantastic acrobatics career with Skylark Sports! Lana has been a member of Skylark since 2015. It's always hard when an athlete makes the decision to hang up their leotard, but we strive to ensure our athletes know the difference between quitting and finishing. Lana has achieved so much in her time as an acrobat, including competing at the 2022 MIAC Acro Cup in Portugal. We are so proud of you Lana, and will miss watching you on the competition floor. Lana is finishing up her year 12 exams at the moment, then we look forward to seeing Lana back in the gym as she continues her coaching career.

Also, a special mention to are judging team. Without judges, there would be no competitions for our athletes. Thank you to, Madlen, Tye, Mia, Thomas, Kerin, Alex, Dylan, Tegan, Sharni, Trent and Serg.

Thanks everyone for a wonderful year!

Written by

Mel Van Nes

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