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How Gymnastics Reshaped Our Child's Patience

As a gymnastics trainer with years of experience, parents often ask me if gymnastics can help improve their child's patience. Like many parents, as I was starting my journey as a trainer and parent, I was also wondering if gymnastics could help children develop patience. 

But the answer? Of course, yes!

Gymnastics is not just about somersaults and handstands; it's a powerful sports activity training that can instil patience, resilience, and numerous other life skills in your child. Beyond the colourful leotards and exciting routines lies a world where kids can learn to overcome challenges, build their physical abilities, and, most importantly, develop patience that lasts a lifetime.

Join me as I recount our experiences and shed light on how gymnastics became more than just a sport—it became a life-changing lesson in patience and perseverance.

Is it Possible for Kids To Be Patient?

You might be wondering, can kids really be patient? 

Believe me, I was sceptical as well. Like other kids, mine was enthusiastic and impulsive. They frequently needed more patience to eat a meal, wait their turn, or even finish a puzzle without getting frustrated.

I wondered if patience came naturally or if it could be learned. But I know it can be improved, and gymnastics was essential to this change.

We've seen it all in the gym! The tantrums, the impatience, and the frustration. Kids often start with a burst of energy, wanting to conquer everything in one go. 

But here's the magic: through the structured and engaging activities in gymnastics, something remarkable happens.

Benefits of Gymnastics for Children

Gymnastics is a holistic sport that goes beyond just somersaults and flips. It nurtures discipline, focus, and, yes, patience. 

When children step into our gymnastics class, we are happy to see that they are not just learning to balance on beams or swing on bars; they are absorbing life skills that will stay with them forever. 

Letting your child participate in active sports goes beyond just improving their physical capabilities. It also helps them develop maturity and shape their character, which will stay with them forever. 

Here are some incredible benefits that gymnastics offers to children:

Physical Fitness

Gymnastics is a full-body spectacle that goes beyond simple exercise. Promoting flexibility and developing strong muscles is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle.

Boosts Confidence

Watch as your child's confidence soars with every mastered skill.  With their increased confidence, they learn the skill of patience, which comes from realizing that growth requires effort and time.

Teaches Discipline

Beyond the flashy moves, gymnastics instils discipline. It's about consistent practice and adhering to rules, teaching your child the importance of patience as they perfect their techniques.

Enhances Focus

Gymnastics isn't just physically demanding; it's a mental workout. It is mastering a routine demands intense concentration and teaching your child to focus on the task. This nurtures patience and highlights the beauty of attention to detail.

Kids doing gymnastic stunt on a beam with her trainer

Gymnastics and Patience: How They Relate

You know, patience and gymnastics? They're like the best friends you didn't know you needed! Imagine a group of energetic children, each excitedly brimming, eagerly waiting their turn to shine and demonstrate their new moves. The catch: there is only one coach, so everyone must wait their turn. 

Yep, you guessed it, it's a waiting game.

At first, you might see some foottapping and hear a few sighs of impatience. I mean, who can blame them? Waiting can be tough, especially when you're bursting with enthusiasm. 

But here’s the magic of gymnastics – it teaches these kids, your kid, the art of patience. They quickly learn that good things come to those who wait and that tapping feet? It slows down, replaced by a newfound understanding that patience pays off.

Then there is the whole learning new skills thing. You know, in gymnastics, cutting corners won't do. The keys to success are practice and accuracy. 

Kids, being the quick learners that they are, immediately understand this. They are aware that patience is required if they hope to improve their regimen. They learn the value of perseverance via repetition, correction, and several tries. They realize that waiting for the ideal opportunity to act is worthwhile and necessary.

Tips for Parents to Encourage Patience in Gymnastics

Remember. Patience is a virtue! We, as parents, should also be patient with our impatient kids. 

Set Realistic Expectations

Educate your youngster about the time and work required for learning. Set attainable objectives and acknowledge any progress, no matter how tiny. They learn through this that learning requires patience.

Practice patience

Young children learn through watching. Show patience by acting patiently, whether handling a difficult circumstance, standing in line, or instructing someone new. Your actions set a strong precedent.

Practice Deep Breathing

Simple deep breathing techniques should be taught to your youngster. Encourage them to take a few deep, slow breaths if angry or frustrated. This promotes patience by calming their body and mind.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Honour your child's perseverance and hard work. Positive reinforcement, such as verbal compliments or prizes for patience, strengthens the habit and motivates people to exercise patience in various circumstances.

Encourage Problem-Solving

Help your child learn how to solve problems. Encourage children to evaluate several options, think through problems carefully, and exercise patience. At the same time, they search for the best solution when they run against obstacles. Solving problems teaches tenacity and patience.

Create a Patience Jar

To help you practice patience:

  • Use a visual aid.
  • Make a "patience jar" and place a little token or pebble each time your youngster exhibits patience.
  • Celebrate their success when the jar is full. This concrete illustration of patience may inspire children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child lose interest if they wait too long in gymnastics class?

It's normal for children to become restless. Still, a skilled gymnastics coach can balance downtime and entertaining activities. Additionally, their satisfaction after learning a new skill keeps them motivated.

How long does it take for my child's patience to improve?

There is no set timeframe because every child is unique. While some children progress within a few weeks, others need a few months. Consistency and encouraging feedback are crucial.

If I notice my child growing frustrated in gymnastics class, should I calm them down?

Depending on the circumstances. Encourage a little pause and offer mild support if their annoyance impedes their development. Sometimes, letting them work through their irritation can increase resilience if they are handling it.

How can I support my child in handling competitive pressure without losing patience?

To help your child cope with competitive anxiety, teach them relaxation techniques like deep breathing and visualization. Reiterate the value of appreciating the process as well as the final product. Competition patience is a result of preparation and assurance.


In the hustle and bustle of modern parenting, teaching our children patience is a gift that will serve them well in their future efforts. With its unique physical and cerebral training combination, gymnastics is an excellent platform for children to learn and exercise patience. My experience as a parent and a gymnastics teacher has shown me that frustration can be changed into patience with time, effort, and a little understanding.

So, if you're considering enrolling your child in gymnastics, take the chance! Not only will kids learn incredible flips and tumbles, but they will also gain the crucial skill of patience, which will serve them well throughout their lives. Witnessing the transformation as a parent is nothing short of wonderful. 

Here's to teaching our children to be patient, tough, and determined - one somersault at a time!

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