Little Gymnastics for Kinder Kids in Wheelers Hill

Kids are born active and bound with endless energy. Here at Skylark Sports, we help your little ones put their energy into something productive. Our Kindergym classes are packed with exciting gymnastic activities to develop your kid's fitness and skills. We provide the best learning environment making your little ones' safety and wellness our top priority in every class. 

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Looking for a Kinder Gym Classes in Wheelers Hill?

Children can realize their potential, hone skills, and actively address concerns in our Kindergym programs. Every gymnastics class session for young children follows established physical literacy and early childhood development guidelines. At Skylark Sports, we are committed to guiding your little ones to pave their way to a healthy and more active childhood, preparing them for more challenges they can encounter while growing up. 


Kindygym Classes in Wheelers Hill

As they explore a secure, engaging, and enjoyable environment, watch as your kid gains self-assurance and competence. Kindergym lessons at Skylarks Sports are created to build physical literacy in the complete kid — socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. They are full of exercises to improve gross and fine motor skills, music and rhythm, success, and difficulties. Join us in our Kinder Gym program today to watch your children grow up happy and healthy.

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About Wheelers Hill

Residential Wheelers Hill is located 22 kilometers southeast of Melbourne's city center. Not more than 30 mins drive away is Skylask Sports gymnastic facilities where active kids in Wheelers Hill can train and develop their athletic activities and grow healthy and ready for the future.

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Ever since my son started kinder gym, its the best part of his week. He loves it and has grown and developed so much in the past year. He has improved so much in this time.

KinderGym Mum

The warm and friendly atmosphere plus the personal service, Skylark staff speak to you like you are part of the team, I’ve had other places where we don’t even get an acknowledgment or a phone call back. Coaches are accessible for a chat about my child’s progression.

Delighted Dad

Not only focuses on improving the children’s physical abilities but also focus on developing their confidence and mindset - skills that they can utilise in their everyday life.

Delighted Dad

What amazing coaches. Been going here for over 5 years at least. Anything with Ninja in the title is a winner!


I think I spend more time at Skylark than at home?!

Catering for kids of all ages, skill levels, shapes, etc with an ability to stimulate casual and social acrobats/ninjas through to elite international acro competition, all with an emphasis on fun, resilience and a growth mindset!


Location, times, it’s easy, the staff are amazing and my kids love it. It’s taught them how to use their bodies and confidence.

Happy Mum

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Young boy smiling at camera in gymnastics class
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