Kinder Gym for Kids in Wantirna

At Skylark Sports, we believe that an active and healthy kid is a happy kid. Our Kindergym program is perfect to help your kids develop their fitness and learn skills that they will need while growing up. Our fun, professionally designed inclusive program is packed with play-based gymnastic activities, that your kids will always look forward to every session. 

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Little Gymnastics for Kids in Wantirna

Our gymnastics program is intended to support kids in learning and discovering a passion for movement. We provide children with the chance to hone their floor, bars, beam, and trampoline talents as well as some team-based acrobatic gymnastics abilities. Our fully equipped clubs is guaranteed safe making you feel worry-free about your child's safety every class.

Little Gym Classes in Wantirna

At Skylark Sports, our KinderGym program allows kids to enhance their abilities while learning and building the fundamentals of early development they will need for things like autonomous play in the playground. We also strongly emphasise physical development, including cross-patterning, fundamental movement skills, gymnastics, and other activities. Join your kids now and watch your kid transform into a much more prepared and healthy kid, ready to take the world in the future. 

Kinder Gym Classes in Wantirna, 3152

About Wantirna

East of Melbourne's Central Business District is the suburb of Wantirna, which is 24 km away. Less than 27 km away and not more than 20 mins drive away is Skylark Sports gymnastic facility where kids in Wartina can learn and hone their athletic abilities.

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I love that there’s no cap on make up classes. And the portal is very easy to use.

Thankful Parent

Definitely the growth mindset but I also believe gymnastics is a sport that helps kids move better which translate to better focus on the class room!

Proud Gymnastics Parent

The vibe and staff. They are super encouraging and supportive The customer service is top notch too

Proud Parent

Skylark Sports makes sport fun, and my child is excited and happy to go every week. They maintain a sense of continuity even when there is a change in coaches. Skylark sports maintain a sense of community and 'togetherness' even during the extended lockdowns, which stood out in comparison with other organisations.

Thankful Parent

I wanted my introvert 2yo daughter to do kindergym because she was prompt to tripping over and hurting herself. Now, after attending kindergym for more than 6 months, she’s become more agile, adventurous and confident in exploring new heights and picking herself up after a few falls.

I highly recommend this gym school for building a toddler’s self-confidence whilst still having a lot of fun playing, climbing and expending all the extra energy!


What I like best about skylark sports, is how much confidence my daughter has gained.

Happy Mum

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Young boy smiling at camera in gymnastics class
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