Kindergym Classes for Kids in Springvale

Our Kindergym programs open opportunities for active kids to develop their skills, making them more prepared for all the challenges growing up. Skylark Sports focus on physical growth through fun workouts for the brain and cross-patterning, fundamental movement skills, and gymnastics. We make every training session for your kids play-based giving your child a more safe and more exciting learning environment. 

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Little Gym for Kinder Age in Springvale

At Skylark Sports, we believe that any child can grow up feeling they can take on the world with the correct abilities developed early in life. Our inclusive, engaging programs are age-appropriate and expertly designed to give your children the finest learning environment possible. Join your kids in our Kinder gym classes now and let them discover their full potential while having fun. 

Kinder Gym for Kids in Springvale

Let your kids use their endless energy for something useful for their personal growth. Our professionally designed gymnastics programs for Kinder kids ensure that every station and task has a clear purpose. Every two weeks, activities switch up to provide an engaging and thrilling experience. 

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About Springvale

In Victoria, Springvale is a neighbourhood of Melbourne. It is around 23 kilometres from Melbourne, the country's capital, and has a land area of 11.086 kilometres. 21714 people live in Springvale, in the Australia/Melbourne time zone and the Australian Eastern Daylight Time zone. Less than 30 minutes away is where Skylark Sports gymnastic facility where active kids in Springvale can participate in kindergym activities. 

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I loved that they had a program that catered to my sons interest in jumping, climbing and swords. What more could a 5 year old want?

Happy Ninja Mum

The coaches have been an amazing positive influence on both of my children, and especially helpful in developing a growth mindset.

Proud Parent

Both my sons love the ninja classes. Great coaches who are patient and inspiring to young minds whilst growing healthy bodies. All staff are exceptional, responsive and very organised.


I like that it is less rigid than traditional, yet more structured than recreational. Skills based, core strength and confidence building.

Thankful Parent

My daughter has been training with Skylark for just 3 months after leaving another dance program. In those three months she has become so much stronger, confident and capable.

We love skylark and recommend it to everyone!


Great coaches and everyone is so inviting and they keep everyone safe. Would recommend been here for 5 years


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Young boy smiling at camera in gymnastics class
Young girl smiling and lifting arms in Skylark Sports class