Kinder Gym for Kids from Skye

At Skylark Sports, we're dedicated to fostering your child's development through engaging and interactive group classes. Our Kindergym program for the kids of Skye is tailored to introduce young ones to the joys of physical activity, helping them build strength and acquire fundamental skills in a supportive environment. With a focus on fun and exploration, children can progress at their own pace, nurturing their physical, social, and cognitive growth along the way.

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Kids of Skye are ready to roll into Gymnastics

At Skylark Sports, we recognize children's naturally love to move and climb. Our Kinder gymnastics classes for Skye are crafted to harness this enthusiasm, laying a solid foundation for your child's holistic development. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, kids can confidently explore and enjoy their physical capabilities, preparing them for future challenges while promoting overall well-being.

Classes for Kinder age kids of Skye

Channel your child's boundless energy into constructive activities! Our kinder gymnastics classes offer a safe and enjoyable indoor experience, nurturing their physical abilities, boosting self-esteem, and igniting their creativity. Watch as your child thrives in a dynamic environment filled with exciting gymnastic activities, all designed specially for developing toddlers and young children.

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Great coaches and everyone is so inviting and they keep everyone safe. Would recommend been here for 5 years


Since our 4yr old has been going to Skylarks Mount Waverley we have seen dramatic improvements in a variety of areas. We have seen her muscles get stronger over time along with her cardio fitness as well as her balance and posture. More importantly to us, we have seen improvements in her ability to listen and carry out instructions, work with other children, take turns and be able to express herself with clear communication.

It has been excellent preparation for primary school by having her interact with coaches and peers that she did not previously know through childcare or kinder. We were also very fortunate to have ongoing support from Skylarks in regards to our daughters potential ASD diagnosis. The staff at Skylarks Mount Waverley work with children of various abilities and are very experienced at helping children and their families navigate through challenges that can arise.

If you're looking for a welcoming, family friendly, all-round fitness and well-being activity for your child, check this place out. Thanks guys!


Skylark seems to have a perfect balance between achievements and participation via the focus on growth mindset. It’s about doing YOUR best and continuing to try and get better and a lot less about winning/competing against others etc. This means it’s not just about how good your child is, everyone has a place to build confidence and do well.

Delighted Dad

My son loves the Ninja class at Skylark Lynbrook. Venue is well equipped and the teachers are great with kids. Highly recommend.


My daughter loves attending, I can see takes in the information and feel that she's challenged in a positive way to be physically active. She's made fantastic friends. I love the 'no pressure' fun aspect of Skylark - that she doesn't have to be at competition level.

Happy Mum

My child enjoys the lessons and the teacher. She is challenged by the different activities and it’s great for her fitness and strength.

Delighted Dad

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Young boy smiling at camera in gymnastics class
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