Kindergym Clasess for Kids in Pakenham

At Skylark Sports, we help kids get ready for all the physical challenges while growing up. Our Kindergym classes introduce gymnastics activities to help your kinder-aged kids discover their true potential. In our fun, safe and progressive learning environment, we train your kid's skills and discipline that will ready them to take the world. 

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Kinder Kids in Pakenham for Gymnastic Classes

Our Kindergym classes will help the kids improve their social and primary motor skills while having fun in a structured learning environment, which will help them become more coordinated, self-assured, and respectable. Guided by our expert gymnastic coaches, your kids will enjoy completing our gymnastic activities, play-based and professionally designed to keep your kid's full attention on every session. 

Kinder gym Classes in Pakenham

Watch your kids grow confident and healthy. At Skylark Sports, children have the chance to reach their potential, hone their abilities, and actively address issues through our Kinder gym lessons. Our Kinder gym lessons are created to build physical literacy in the complete child – socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. They are jam-packed with exercises to improve gross and fine motor skills, music and rhythm, success, and difficulties.

Kindergym in Pakenham, 3810

About Pakenham

Pakenham, which originated as a tiny community established around a railway station on the way to Gippsland, is now a Melbourne commuter suburb located 57 kilometres east of the city's core. 25 mins drive from this interesting suburb is the permanent gymnastic facility of Skylark Sports where kids in Pakenham can experience fun and excitement of Kindergym classes. 

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Great gymnastics teaching and amazingly friendly staff!


I love the flexibility of it all from being able to change days easily to being able to book in make up lessons for whenever it suits us with no hassle. And of course, seeing the smile on my daughters face when it’s gymnastics day.

Proud Gymnastics Parent

My child enjoys the lessons and the teacher. She is challenged by the different activities and it’s great for her fitness and strength.

Delighted Dad

I have always found staff professional & friendly. It’s obvious the staff work to a very high standard that is set. My kids have always loved coming to gym & have learnt a lot of basic skills that have now lent them to their other sports.

Delighted Dad

Great facilities. Friendly and supportive admin staff. Passionate, friendly and supportive coaches. Inclusive and inspiration to grow culture.

Happy Mum

Great work . Friendly team . Happy child

Proud Parent

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Young girl smiling at camera in gymnastics class
Young boy smiling at camera in gymnastics class
Young girl smiling and lifting arms in Skylark Sports class