Little Gym for Kinder Kids in Officer

Before starting school, kids need as many chances as possible to maximise their intellectual growth and improve their physical potential. At Skylark Sports, we offer a secure environment where kids may grow physically at their own pace while having fun and playing. Our Kindergym program is professionally designed to help encourage your kids to start living healthy and active at an early age. 

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Kinder Kids in Officer Ready for Gymastics Classes

Our Kindergym courses are based on the principles of child development and are created mainly to aid kids in developing through the many phases of early life. Let your children establish healthy routines so they can maintain physical activity throughout their lives. All the activities are planned and supervised, introducing kids to a setting and expectations similar to what they may find in a school classroom.

Kindygym for Kids in Officer

At Skylark Sports, our Kindergym programme provides basic movement instruction so that children may engage in a variety of movement activities and are encouraged to think, create, construct, and solve issues using their own bodies. Guided by professional gymnastic coaches, we help your kid develop physically, socially, and cognitively while also improving their coordination and self-esteem. Watch your kids grow confidently and strongly while enjoying all our gymnastics activities.

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About Officer

Officer, a satellite suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, located 48 kilometres to the south-east of the city's CBD and home to the Shire of Cardinia's council. This city is 27 mins away from the permanent gymnastics facility of Skylark Sports. Kinder kids in Officer is just a few minutes away from a fun and exciting gym activities.

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Location, times, it’s easy, the staff are amazing and my kids love it. It’s taught them how to use their bodies and confidence.

Happy Mum

Great coaches, very patient, and my kids are having lots of fun in learning gymnastics. Thank you!


I like that it is less rigid than traditional, yet more structured than recreational. Skills based, core strength and confidence building.

Thankful Parent

My child enjoys the lessons and the teacher. She is challenged by the different activities and it’s great for her fitness and strength.

Delighted Dad

The coaches seem to really care about the kids, and have a good handle on child development, child psychology and consent. I've been really impressed with how they've handled my younger child's extreme shyness early on, and my older child's ADHD, and gender diversity.

Happy Mum

It is like a family run business, Jasmine has done an amazing job building a great program, facilities and most importantly team. We love how they come out and actually engage with parents and ensure all kids are collected safely.

Proud Parents

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Young boy smiling at camera in gymnastics class
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