Kinder Gym for Kids in Oakleigh

At Skylark Sports, we believe that the movement patterns and listening skills a child learns in their early years help with their development and capacity for learning when they enter school later in life. Our Kinder Gym program is designed to introduce to your kids the importance of fitness and wellness at an early age. We aim to engage your kids with gymnastics activities that will help them enhance their physical and mental wellness. 

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Looking for a Kinder Gym Course in Oakleigh?

At Skylark Sports, we work towards giving your Kinder aged kids the opportunity to discover their best potential. Our accredited gymnast instructors will do their best to give your kids the most memorable experience while learning and developing in an active and safe environment designed for every activity. We make working out as fun and exciting as possible for your children

Little Gym for Kinder Kids in Oakleigh

Make our Kinder Gymnastic program your kid's first step towards fitness and wellness. At Skylark Sports, we are committed to transforming your kids into well-prepared and physically fit individuals while growing up. Our little gym classes will help boost your kid's confidence, social interaction, and physical and mental strength while still enjoying the fun and excitement of doing sports. 

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About Oakleigh

Oakleigh is a Melbourne suburb located 14 kilometres southeast of the CBD. As part of Melbourne's 1950s eastward growth, Oakleigh, formerly a sizable separate city, was included into the metropolis. It originally had a distinct municipality in the old City of Oakleigh, a sizable historic Central Business District, and its suburbs.

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For a child that is extremely introverted and finds it challenging to let go of us, all the staff have been very supportive of us and her showing so much compassion and understanding. It is such a beautiful and encouraging environment and she always leaves with such a big smile in her face and feeling so proud of her achievements.

Delighted Dad

I loved that they had a program that catered to my sons interest in jumping, climbing and swords. What more could a 5 year old want?

Happy Ninja Mum

Building confidence, motor skills and strength through activities that interests specific age groups. Make up class expiry date is generous Instructors are encouraging and provide feedback when required. They dont push the kids too far.

Delighted Dad

My daughter is loving ninja this term and every week her confidence in class is growing. Thank you to the ninjas for the amazing job you do!!!


Ninja is an interesting program and fits my child's needs for exercise, social development. My child is not into team sports but loves climbing, it's been a safe way to tap into this need. Few programs do that.

Thankful Ninja Parent

Make up classes are awesome. We really value this flexibility that you offer, when there is so much uncertainty about whether we would be well or sick or need to isolate or not. Sometimes I only found out that my child is sick a couple of hours prior to their class at Skylark, and your staff responses have always been positive, understanding and kind. We love that your focus is on child's well being, both mental and physical. I feel there's no judgment and you welcome a whole range of skills and abilities.

Thankful for Flexibility

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Young boy smiling at camera in gymnastics class
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