Little Gymnastic Courses for Kinder Kids in Murrumbeena

Children are born active and full of energy. At Skylark Sports, our Kinder gym class allows kids to discover their potential, hone their abilities, and actively improve their capabilities.  Children may grow and improve their physical, social, and cognitive abilities and bone and muscle growth while having fun.

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Looking for Kinder Gym in Murrumbeena?

Kinder kids love to test their physical abilities, such as running, jumping, balancing, catching, kicking, and throwing. At Skylark Sports, our Kinder Gym classes in Murrumbeena gives a foundation for a more confident movement for your kids, establishing an excellent skill base for future advanced gymnastics. Watch you kid develop their confidence and enhance their capabilities while enjoying every activity, 

Kinder Kids Gyms Classes in Murrumbeena

Let your kids engage in a more productive physical activity with our Kinder Gym classes. At Skylark Sports, our accredited gym coaches will ensure to provide the safest and best assistance to your kids while we are guiding them towards their development. We make every session fun and exciting so that every child will look forward to every activity. 

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About Murrumbeena

A residential area called Murrumbeena is located 15 km southeast of Melbourne's city centre. Its name, which dates to around 1862, is derived from the north-south Mirambena Road, which forms the western edge of the area. The road's name is said to have originated from an Aboriginal proverb that either meant "belonging to you," "welcome," or "land of frogs," or it may have referred to an Aboriginal member of the native police.

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The facilities are wonderful, and my daughter is well supported by the coaches

Proud Parent

I can see improvements in my child's strength after one term, she finishes classes puffed out - she has physically worked in the class (unlike her ballet lessons!) and she enjoys the sense of achievement of being able to do new things and learn new skills

Proud Parent

It's very inclusive of my special needs son, and ninja is so good for him

Happy Ninja Parent

I always feel so welcome. All the staff are great. My children feel really comfortable, as do I. The facility is clean and bright. And the coach to child ratio is great. My child is well looked after and encouraged to have fun in a calm and happy environment. There is no pressure on them and they are always eager to go.

Happy Mum

The staff are amazing. They connect with the students and are so patient, nurturing and kind.

Amazed mum

I've brought all 3 of my boys through Skylark Kindergym since 2016, and we have loved all our coaches we've had through that time.

Anya really is something special. Her patience, understanding, knowledge and passion is rarely seen in kids sports activities these days and I just wanted to let you know that we appreciate her! She is wonderful & Finn is really enjoying his classes.


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Young boy smiling at camera in gymnastics class
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