Kinder Gym Classes for Kids in Mount Waverly

At Skylark Sports, we passionately promote encouraging our little ones to be physically and mentally engaged to activities that will help them develop their fitness and skills. We offer inclusive Kinder Gymnastics programs that will help your child discover their full potential. We have play-based fun gymnast training to improve their coordination, social skills and self-esteem.

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Gymnastic Courses for Kids in Mount Waverly

Our Kinder Gymnastics programs focus on cultivating your kid's hidden passion and skills. We bring out your little ones' inner gymnast skills, flexibility, and passion while making them feel that learning is fun. Our equipment are safe, providing boundless movement freedom for every child.

Kids Little Gymnastics Classes in Mount Waverly

Skylark Sports offers Kinder Gymnastics training that provides kids with a welcoming, secure, and enjoyable atmosphere to grow physically, socially, and intellectually.  Our classes are packed with activities to help your little kids discover hidden skills while having fun. Make your little ones feel rewarded and inspired with all the fun and learning they will experience with our qualified gymnastic coaches. 

Kinder Gym Classes in Mount Waverly, 3149

About Mount Waverly

16 kilometers southeast of Melbourne's CBD, in the City of Monash local government region, lies the suburb of Mount Waverley in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. At the time of the 2021 census, Mount Waverley had a population of 35,340. At its closest, it is 16 kilometers from Melbourne.

Mount Waverley is the king of convenience in Melbourne's southeast. The combination of a desirable location and a wide range of amenities is suitable for expanding families and sports enthusiasts.

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Customer service is amazing, super responsive to emails, the coaches are amazing with my child and so patient. The facility is always clean and the equipment and classes are tailored to his age.

Happy Mum

Building confidence, motor skills and strength through activities that interests specific age groups. Make up class expiry date is generous Instructors are encouraging and provide feedback when required. They dont push the kids too far.

Delighted Dad

I like that it is less rigid than traditional, yet more structured than recreational. Skills based, core strength and confidence building.

Thankful Parent

Having an introvert small daughter find something she likes and something she is good at has been a gift. She feels like she belongs in a group and team. It’s brought some confidence to her and helped immensely with her social skills. The communication is phenomenal. Sam is absolutely brilliant helping me sort make up classes etc. The parking is fab!!! Being able to eyeball staff and see what the children are up to on occasion is amazing. Handy to know what is going on.

Thankful Parent

I like that every child over there is well taken care of, taking into consideration, their ability /limitations... Kids are encouraged to try again and again until they get it or at least till they are confident about a certain move.. Both of my daughters leave with sweat and smile on their faces!

Proud Parent

I've brought all 3 of my boys through Skylark Kindergym since 2016, and we have loved all our coaches we've had through that time. Anya really is something special. Her patience, understanding, knowledge and passion is rarely seen in kids sports activities these days and I just wanted to let you know that we appreciate her! She is wonderful & Finn is really enjoying his classes.


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Young boy smiling at camera in gymnastics class
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