Kinder Gym for Kids in Mitcham

Kindergym for kids is the best fun activity that every child will surely enjoy. Skylark Sports offers fun-based gymnastics activities that will help enhance your kids' physical and mental skills. We provide the best learning environment possible, ensuring that your kids will be safe while doing every exciting activity. 

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Little Gymnastics for Kinder Kids in Mitcham

At Skylark Sports, we aim to give every kinder kid in Mitcham the opportunity to discover their inner strength and capabilities. Through various engaging exercises, our programs are created to help your little ones improve their gymnastics and basic movement abilities. We want to build a foundation for athletic and life skills while fostering a lively, enjoyable, safe learning environment.

Kindygym in Mitcham

At Skylark Sports, we aim to help every kid enjoy their boundless energy while staying fit and healthy. Our experienced gymnastics instructors place a strong emphasis on the enjoyment of learning, and by providing just the appropriate amount of success and difficulty, we help kids realize that learning is enjoyable and that working hard pays off. 

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About Mitcham

Melbourne, Victoria's suburb, is home to Mitcham. It is located around 20 kilometers from Melbourne, the country's capital, and spans 6.627 square kilometers. Mitcham, which is in the Australia/Melbourne time zone and has a total population of 16148, is in the Australian Eastern Daylight Time zone.

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love how the children can have fun while exercising, learning new skills and an opportunity to partcipate in group activites - other skills to learn like sharing, waiting turns, listening to instructions etc.

Delighted Dad

Each Child is allowed to grow and develop skills at their own pace, they learn from other students in the class rather than being compared to other students in the class.

Proud Parent

Friendly coach and staff, my kids love them too

Appreciative Mum

It is clear the staff all care about the children’s wellbeing and development


My son has been attending Ninja Gymnastics for a number of years at Skylark and absolutely loves it. The coaches put so much time and effort in to making the program fun and enjoyable and really want the best for all participants. The communication from staff is excellent and I have always been impressed by the professionalism of everyone we have dealt with. The facilities are well maintained and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Skylark to anyone looking for a high quality gymnastics program for their child.


The space to let kids to learn and very passionate staff

Proud Parent

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Young boy smiling at camera in gymnastics class
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