Kinder Gym Classes for Little Ones in East Burwood

Our little ones are born to be curious and excited to explore and learn new things. Our Skylark Sports Kinder Gym Classes are designed to guide your kids into enhancing and developing their skills and abilities to be ready to take on the world. We offer professionally designed Kinder Gym training courses that will catch your kid's interest to try every activity while ensuring their safety and wellness during classes.

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Looking for Kinder Gym Classes for Kids in East Burwood? 

We at Skylark Sports aim to encourage a healthy lifestyle and favourably affect each child's perception of physical exercise for the rest of their lives. Our professional gymnast trainers provide toddlers and preschoolers with engaging, challenging, and age-appropriate movement activities. We stay on top to establish a secure atmosphere where kids may grow their gross motor abilities at their own pace.

East Burwood Little Kids Gym Classes

Our Kinder Gym programs are created to help youngsters develop good exercise habits as they have fun, burn off energy, and acquire practical physical skills. Let your kids experience the fun of discovering and enhancing their abilities. Build your kids' discipline and confidence and change their outlook of being active and healthy while still young.


Kinder Gym Classes in East Burwood, 3151

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Burwood East is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and is a part of the City of Whitehorse local government area. It is situated 17 kilometres east of Melbourne's CBD. 10,675 people were residing in Burwood East as of the latest census.

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The BEST gymnastics class! The teachers are absolutely wonderful! They take great care with the kids, they give them all attention during their lessons and the facilities are awesome for the kids and parents. Highly recommend this place!


Since our 4yr old has been going to Skylarks Mount Waverley we have seen dramatic improvements in a variety of areas. We have seen her muscles get stronger over time along with her cardio fitness as well as her balance and posture. More importantly to us, we have seen improvements in her ability to listen and carry out instructions, work with other children, take turns and be able to express herself with clear communication.

It has been excellent preparation for primary school by having her interact with coaches and peers that she did not previously know through childcare or kinder. We were also very fortunate to have ongoing support from Skylarks in regards to our daughters potential ASD diagnosis. The staff at Skylarks Mount Waverley work with children of various abilities and are very experienced at helping children and their families navigate through challenges that can arise.

If you're looking for a welcoming, family friendly, all-round fitness and well-being activity for your child, check this place out. Thanks guys!


My daughter really likes her teachers/coaches, I do not know their exact qualifications but they all seem well supported and love their job. It is non-competitive which really suits my daughter. The equipment looks great and the gym seems really well set up (for parents and gymnasts).

Proud Gymnastics Parent

The attitude of staff and the desired values of children mental and physical strengths.

Proud Parent

My child loves it! His confidence in climbing/playing has improved heaps.

Thankful Parent

Building confidence, motor skills and strength through activities that interests specific age groups. Make up class expiry date is generous Instructors are encouraging and provide feedback when required. They dont push the kids too far.

Delighted Dad

But sometimes it's better to ask the kids!
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Young boy smiling at camera in gymnastics class
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