Kindergym Classes in Clyde

At Skylark Sports, we are committed to encouraging kids of all ages to start staying fit and healthy early. Our Kinder gym classes incorporated kids' play and workout, giving the best gymnastic activities and challenges most enjoyably. Our kindygym classes, guided by our qualified gym coaches, help expose kids to an atmosphere and expectations similar to those they could encounter in a classroom.

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Little Gymnastics for Active Kids in Clyde

As they discover and grow to comprehend how their bodies move and their skills, our KinderGym program offers kids a secure setting to engage in various movement activities that inspire them to think, create, and solve issues. Kinder kids in Clyde can experience a wide range of movement activities and be encouraged to think, create, construct and solve problems with their own capabilities. Each gymnastic classes are designed for every kids to enjoy and look forward to. 

Little Gym for Kinder Kids in Clyde

Shared activity with their parents, our Kinder gym classes is the perfect bonding activity for children and their caregivers while learning new skills. We provide the best learning environment for your little ones, as they explore their own capabilities and skills. Let your kids experience a healthy and fit childhood, preparing them for all the challenges while growing. 

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About Clyde

Clyde is a rural and residential district 48 km southeast of Melbourne and 6 km east of Cranbourne. This remarkable city is 21 mins drive away from Skylark Sports Gymnastics facilities bringing the best experience of staying fit and healthy to kinder kids in Clyde.

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The attitude of staff and the desired values of children mental and physical strengths.

Proud Parent

I always feel so welcome. All the staff are great. My children feel really comfortable, as do I. The facility is clean and bright. And the coach to child ratio is great. My child is well looked after and encouraged to have fun in a calm and happy environment. There is no pressure on them and they are always eager to go.

Happy Mum

Great coaches and everyone is so inviting and they keep everyone safe. Would recommend been here for 5 years


My child enjoys the lessons and the teacher. She is challenged by the different activities and it’s great for her fitness and strength.

Delighted Dad

Great coaches! They are very positive, knowledgeable and supportive.


For a child that is extremely introverted and finds it challenging to let go of us, all the staff have been very supportive of us and her showing so much compassion and understanding. It is such a beautiful and encouraging environment and she always leaves with such a big smile in her face and feeling so proud of her achievements.

Delighted Dad

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Young girl smiling at camera in gymnastics class
Young boy smiling at camera in gymnastics class
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