Kinder Gym Classes in Box Hill

Get ready to give your kids the happiest experience in their lives! Here at Skylark Sports, we offer inclusive Kinder Gym programs that will help mould your little ones to be fitter and prepare for the future. Our unique gym classes approach will give your kids a memorable experience of staying fit and active while having fun. Our program uses play-based learning to teach your child important skills and provide a stimulating environment for growth.


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Little Gym Classes for Kids in Box Hill

At Skylark Sports, your and your kid's well-being matters most to us. We invest in our program and equipment to ensure our qualified gymnastics instructors can provide the most incredible experience possible. Our trainers are motivated by the belief that every kid deserves a solid start in life. To put kids on the right track, they combine their teaching expertise with a desire for healthy living.

Gymnastics Classes for Kinder Aged in Box Hill

An active and happy lifestyle means a healthy, active mind. At Skylark Sports, we emphasize using physical activity and problem-based learning to give our students the self-assurance, resilience, and confidence to handle everything life throws at them—at any age. Our Kinder Gym classes will help your kids to develop all the necessary skills towards more successful and happy growth.  

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About Box Hill

Although Box Hill is now a suburb of Greater Melbourne, it was a bush hideaway towards the end of the 19th century when it hosted an artists camp where they painted "en plein air" (outside). The 'en plein air' art community formerly called Melbourne, once known as The Garden City, home. The Eastern Freeway connects Box Hill, now a suburb of Melbourne, with the city 21 kilometers to the east.

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Love this place and the people, very helpful, accommodating to both my kids, Wyatt & Claire; they are loving this place, good foundation with various activities. Highly recommended, great job guys!


We came for a trial and both my kids were warmly welcomed by the coaches. The coaches kept them engaged the whole class and they seemed to do purposeful things rather than just running around aimlessly. I came for one child's trial and left with two kids wanting to come back tomorrow. We're staying!

Amazed Mum

You value and respect the child. You see and develop the student. We had ups and downs but you foster resilience and listen to student and parents. We feel seen, heard and valued.

Thankful Parent

The staff all seem to love what they do. Many of the coaches seem to know my daughter's name, even if they have not coached her before. I am enjoying the new skills progress update system. The holiday program also worked out really well for us. We also had a birthday party when our daughter turned 4 and that was great.

Delighted Dad

Kinder gym is a great outlet for my energetic and active child who loves jumping and climbing on everything. Great place for her to socialise and teaches her safe movement and strength to protect her later in life. Also a fun hobby that she loves.

KinderGym dad

I like that every child over there is well taken care of, taking into consideration, their ability /limitations... Kids are encouraged to try again and again until they get it or at least till they are confident about a certain move.. Both of my daughters leave with sweat and smile on their faces!

Proud Parent

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Young boy smiling at camera in gymnastics class
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