Kindergym in Beaconsfield

At Skylark Sports, our KinderGym classes provide children countless chances to learn, play, grow, and explore in a fun, safe, and exciting setting. According to research, children learn best when they explore and identify their talents through physical exercise. See your kid's proud faces as they learn new skills and finish every fun gymnastic challenge, making them look forward to every session.

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Kinder Kids Ready For Gymnastic Fun in Beaconsfield

Our Kindergym course fosters a child's sense of self-worth and self-confidence while providing access to age-appropriate equipment with variety and change, encouraging a non-competitive, relaxed, and friendly environment, and customising the program to meet the needs and abilities of each child. See your child develop and grow happy and fit while not missing the fun of playing. 

Kindergym Classes in Beaconsfield

At Skylark Sports, we provide a safe, fun and engaging learning environment tailored to every kid's need. Guided by our expert gym coaches, we will give your kids the best experience as we explore their full potential and discover their skills through each fun gymnastic activity. Our professionally designed course will walk your kids through each and every milestone of their development and growth. 

Kindergym in Beaconsfield, 3807

About Beaconsfield

Beaconsfield, 46 km east of central Melbourne on Cardinia Creek and the old Princes Highway, was originally known as Little Berwick. Skylark Sports is 19 mins drive away from this interesting city where kinder kids in Beaconsfield have the chance to experience fun and excitement of Kindergym classes. 

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I love that there’s no cap on make up classes. And the portal is very easy to use.

Thankful Parent

If my son could live there, he would! Great programs and awesome staff. Highly recommend to children of all ages.


From the first visit my son was made welcome, and has felt like every class has been great - he's always happy to attend. The ninja coaches are amazing at combining the core gym skills with a fun learning environment.

Thankful Ninja Parent

I love that I can get both my kids into their classes one after each other. I love the stations and pace of the class. It's moves along well and keeps them busy. The variety of activities each week is great for their progression.

Happy Mum

I Love that skylark focuses on the positive and helps kids to realise their own dreams, not the parents dreams. I think you have a wonderful sense of community at Skylark that makes the kids proud of what they are doing and how hard they have to work to achieve. It is important that you focus on positive education unlike other gym clubs and you encourage a growth mindset in all your programs.

Thankful Parent

that it is individual, so my child can work at their own pace/ability (not all children are good at or engaged in team sports), the coaches really know the kids and are very encouraging and happy to speak to parents after class

Thankful Parent

But sometimes it's better to ask the kids!
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Young girl smiling at camera in gymnastics class
Young boy smiling at camera in gymnastics class
Young girl smiling and lifting arms in Skylark Sports class