Gym Classes for Kinder Aged Kids in Ashburton

Here at Skylark Sports, we offer Kinder Gym programs that have the best approach to making your little ones develop their fundamental skills while enjoying what they do. Your little gymnast will learn the fundamentals of the sport, which they can use to advance their goals in the sport or help them build abilities for other sports or daily life. Our fun-filled gymnastic activities will inspire your child to participate in various activities that are crucial to their physical development.

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Kinder Gym Classes for Little Ones in Ashburton

Children have the chance to put these skills into practice while learning and growing the fundamental childhood abilities required for things like independent play in the playground through our KinderGym program. With exercises for brain growth, cross-patterning, basic movement skills, gymnastics, and more, we also put a strong emphasis on physical development. 

Kids Gym Courses for Kinder Kids in Ashburton

At Skylark Sports, we believe that an active kid is a happy kid. Our professional gymnast instructors design every station and activity in our KinderGym sessions to guarantee that they serve a specific function. Every two weeks, activities switch up to make for an engaging and thrilling experience. Your child will be exposed to the fundamental principles of gymnastics, including cooperation, teamwork, lining up, positive engagement, and the capacity for instruction.

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About Ashburton

For a long time, Ashburton was one of the most overlooked south eastern suburbs. This was because they didn't know it in the first place, not because they knew it and didn't like it. This amazingly sleepy suburb has awakened, but it has done so without losing its essence. As more people became aware of the amenities the region offers, it has had tremendous capital expansion and renovations over the previous ten years.

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From a young age children learn through play. You provide that for them and Make learning loads of fun. The staff are tremendous! 15yr olds love training to music too. Gaining strength and discipline is a major confidence boost.

Happy Mum

The attitude of staff and the desired values of children mental and physical strengths.

Proud Parent

My son is in KinderGym at Mt Waverley. I just wanted to say how amazing the experience has been. He can have a bit of a temper and get frustrated but the teachers are so patient with him and he is thriving and getting more and more engaged each week.

Thank you to the team for all your hard work.


I love that I can get both my kids into their classes one after each other. I love the stations and pace of the class. It's moves along well and keeps them busy. The variety of activities each week is great for their progression.

Happy Mum

Teaching skill sets which will apply to future activities/sports. Focus on technique. Boys can attend same class as girls which means more choice of classes (i.e. boys are not stuck to Friday evenings!)

Proud Parent

I loved that they had a program that catered to my sons interest in jumping, climbing and swords. What more could a 5 year old want?

Happy Ninja Mum

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Young boy smiling at camera in gymnastics class
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