Baby Gym in Malvern East

At Skylark Sports, we encourage kids of all ages and their parents to start having a healthy and active life in the early stages of their life. Our babygym programs create a solid foundation for a baby's formative years by introducing them to movement experiences that will affect their ability to move later in life. 

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Gym for Baby on Malvern East

We give activities that assist your baby to learn about themselves and their environment and activate their brain to lay the foundation for learning. At Skylark Sports, we will help you in introducing an active and fun environment to your babies through our play-based gymnastics activities. Guided by our accredited gym coaches, we make every session something you will always look forward to.  

Baby Gym Classes in Malvern East

At Skylark Sports, we focus on helping your little ones of all ages develop every skill while having fun. Our little gymnastic program for babies is perfect for unique bonding moments between parents and little kids. We ensure to provide the safest learning environment. Our sessions at BabyGym have been created to excite your child's complete brain, body, and feeling of confidence by learning and doing new things. 

Baby Gym in Malvern East

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I like that it is local and that the kids love coming and it’s great to watch their progression.

Happy Mum

My child enjoys the lessons and the teacher. She is challenged by the different activities and it’s great for her fitness and strength.

Delighted Dad

I loved that they had a program that catered to my sons interest in jumping, climbing and swords. What more could a 5 year old want?

Happy Ninja Mum

The unique Ninja program that my son really enjoyed. Very customer-focused staff and warm welcoming approach to the children.

Thankful Ninja Parent

Great facilities. Friendly and supportive admin staff. Passionate, friendly and supportive coaches. Inclusive and inspiration to grow culture.

Happy Mum

What amazing coaches. Been going here for over 5 years at least. Anything with Ninja in the title is a winner!


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Young boy smiling at camera in gymnastics class
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