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Bond with your babies in a much different way. At Skylark Sports, our Baby gym classes are fun-filled and play-based gymnastics activities that cater even to the months of babies. Our fun, inclusive programs are professionally developed and age-appropriate to provide your kids with the best safe and secure learning environment possible.

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Skylark Sports focus on helping every child get physically ready for their future. Baby gym classes are designed to promote physical literacy in the whole baby – socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. They are jam-packed with exercises to develop gross and fine motor skills, music and rhythm, success, and difficulties.

Gym Classes for Baby in Clayton

Skylark Sports toddler gymnastics offers secure and fun indoor activities that promote children's physical growth, self-esteem, awareness of their bodies in relation to their environments, motor control, balance, and mental development. Guided by our certified gymnastics coaches you will discover the importance of movement and what it can do for your toddler's brain development and motor abilities.

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About Clayton

18 km southeast of central Melbourne, on the Oakleigh to Dandenong railway line, is Clayton's residential and industrial suburb.

In the 1850s, people started using the area for farming. The first township was located where Clayton North is now, on Dandenong Road. A second township was established where the railway line crosses Clayton Road due to the construction of the railway line about one kilometer south of Dandenong Road in 1878. But the Clayton Vale property, which John Clayton owned from the 1860s to the 1970s, is where the name came from.

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The teachers are approachable and are aware my child's interests and needs.

Proud Parent

My daughter has been training with Skylark for just 3 months after leaving another dance program. In those three months she has become so much stronger, confident and capable.

We love skylark and recommend it to everyone!


The energy and care that the team puts into their students. It’s wonderful to see the kids so happy!

Thankful Parent

For a child that is extremely introverted and finds it challenging to let go of us, all the staff have been very supportive of us and her showing so much compassion and understanding. It is such a beautiful and encouraging environment and she always leaves with such a big smile in her face and feeling so proud of her achievements.

Delighted Dad

My son is in KinderGym at Mt Waverley. I just wanted to say how amazing the experience has been. He can have a bit of a temper and get frustrated but the teachers are so patient with him and he is thriving and getting more and more engaged each week.

Thank you to the team for all your hard work.


The environment and coaching staff, they are so encouraging and nurturing of all the children.

Proud Parent

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A young boy giving a thumbs up to the camera in a Skylark class
Young girl smiling at camera in gymnastics class
Young boy smiling at camera in gymnastics class
Young girl smiling and lifting arms in Skylark Sports class