Baby Gymnastics in box Hill South

At Skylarks Sports, we value parent-child interactions, early movement development, and imaginative play. Our Baby gym classes are a fun, secure, and well-watched program that supports young children's crucial early-life cognitive development while providing the framework for infants' smooth, progressive movement. The curriculum builds the groundwork for upcoming  kinder gym programs for children aged 6 months to 2 years.

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Gymnastics Classes for Baby in Box Hill South

Look forward to an exciting, fun, play-based baby gymnastics program at Skylark Sports. With all the sensory enjoyment, we concentrate more on mobility, which includes sitting, crawling, standing, cruising, walking, leaping, and rolling. The BabyGym lessons, taught by our certified coaches, lay a solid foundation for the young children's formative years by introducing them to movement and sensory experiences that will affect their ability to move later in life.

Infant Gymnastics in Box Hill South

At Skylark Sports, each of our Baby gymnastics classes encourages infants to grow physically and cognitively at their rate, allowing each child to enjoy the joys of movement. Communicating these experiences with the baby's caregiver might help the child feel more secure and encourage communication. With our baby gym program, you are giving your child the best start to their physical life. 

Baby Gym Classes in Box Hill South, 3128

About Box Hill South

A vibrant neighbourhood called Box Hill South is located 14 kilometres east of Melbourne's busy city center. Less than an hour away is Skylark Sports gymnastic facility where babies in Box Hill South can enjoy Baby Gymnastics activities.

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Amazing, patient coaches. A safe and encouraging atmosphere for children to build strength, skills and confidence but most of all have fun. Great entertainment for kids birthdays clean and safe environment.

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Having an introvert small daughter find something she likes and something she is good at has been a gift. She feels like she belongs in a group and team. It’s brought some confidence to her and helped immensely with her social skills. The communication is phenomenal. Sam is absolutely brilliant helping me sort make up classes etc. The parking is fab!!! Being able to eyeball staff and see what the children are up to on occasion is amazing. Handy to know what is going on.

Thankful Parent

Great coaches! They are very positive, knowledgeable and supportive.


Philosophy based around the whole child, not just physical development. My kids love to come, so we love it. Wonderful coaches.

Delighted Dad

From a young age children learn through play. You provide that for them and Make learning loads of fun. The staff are tremendous! 15yr olds love training to music too. Gaining strength and discipline is a major confidence boost.

Happy Mum

I like that my grandson is constantly moving for over an hour. When he achieves a mission it gives him confidence and he feels good about himself.

Grateful Grandparent

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Young boy smiling at camera in gymnastics class
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